The Music Elk - a chat with the fastest growing music provider for the esports scene

The Music Elk - a chat with the fastest growing music provider for the esports scene

Posted by Kyle Napier & Josh Moran on 1st Oct 2021

Who are the music Elk and where did it all started?

The Music Elk is a music provider that focuses on the esports scene. We started in 2018 as a blog that helps upcoming artists promote their music. We then went onto marketing within the music industry, we held various campaigns for names like Universal Music, Sony Music, Justin Mylo, Koven and more. After 2 years of marketing we found a new passion for music and esports, we have grown to be one of the only companies to focus primarily on esports and driving artists into various activation's and more.

What success stories and esports collaborations have you had so far?

We have had many great success stories over the course of the year so far, we have become the official music partner for DarkZero and their PRO-AM events with Aimlab, Ubsoft and more. Provided music for various charity esports events for Magic Bus. We even hosted an album party with Apex Legends streamer Avery for Neoni's new album. You can find all our success stories here:

Which artists do you work with?

We work with a variety of artists and labels. Even though we don't limit ourselves to a certain roster, we do have a roster that we focus on pushing further throughout the esports scene. We currently have UKF, Circus Records, Flux Pavilion, Funtcase, Neovaii, Doctor P, Shapes and many more! You can see them all here:

What are your future plans for bringing esports music to streaming?

Our future plans are to launch our platform to the world of streamers and content creators which makes finding music a whole lot easier. On top of that and this is what makes us different to a lot of other music providers is that we will personally help any streamer with copyright issues with our catalogue and fix that strike if applicable. We are also looking to partner with many teams and events to help provide some great music for their viewers' experiences. Some big announcements coming towards end of this year / 2022